Welcome to my website where you will find stories and images of my work. These collected works are “eartheart works—works of art through works of the heart”©.
This includes gardens designed and built, drawings, writings of wisdom notes from nature and handmade books. — Elizabeth W. Robechek, MLA
Are you often led in life by what your heart knows?
Do you most keenly awaken to this knowing in nature?
Do you desire a place outdoors to contain and express your unique open-heartedness?
What scent, sight, sound, taste or touch is key to this experience?
What activity or memory is engaged?
I am an artist whose medium is earth and our very human hearts. Designing an element for the garden that sits in the heart of the space and reminds and renews your open heart is the focus of my work.
What eartheart work shall we create for you?
Heart center of a garden for Jung Haus
Removing My Seed Coat and GPS - Germination Power Surge (forthcoming 2013
are the first of eight art books which allude to the wisdom of plants and illuminate our human condition.
Removing My Seed Coat

Elizabeth W. Robechek, MLA
Master of Landscape Architecture,
The Ohio State University;
Bachelor of Science in Theater and Speech Education, Ithaca College
I entered the field of Landscape Architecture from the world of theater and my garden designs are inspired by the weaving together of the stories of people and the stories of place. The intersection of these stories is ripe with meaning, imagination and healing for both people and land. Such gardens send out vibrations of harmony and well-being... something the world needs more of! Garden design is an engaging process and unique gardens and landscapes have taken root in many locales since the mid-seventies.

In these times, which beg for transformation in how we care for one another and the Earth, we are poised at a creative moment. Working with individuals and groups to design gardens which express unique forms of open-heartedness is my great delight and service in the world.

I also invite you to visit eartheart dialogue, a blog where we discuss matters of spirituality, the environment, art and design and a heartful planet.

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